Employee Communications

Strait Logics' unique offline software services enable you to have anything you want on 'paper'.

Most employers recognise the value of their employees and demonstrate this through a corporate compensation structure. However, most employees are completely unaware of their worth beyond their monthly salary.

Personalised Total Reward, Benefit & Pension Statements are an effective and comprehensive way of communicating such information to employees. Tailored to the individual, the Statements provide details of the rewards and benefits the employee is receiving and potentially could receive in the future, this in turn is proven to lead to better staff satisfaction, understanding and morale, and improved staff retention.

Combining your corporate identity with personalisation on an individual level, our high-impact paper based statements are well received by thousands of employees across the world.

Statements can vary from a simple 1-page letters to complex 20-page booklets with data driven conditions and targeted variable content, produced as PDF or print files.

Some of our clients opt to have the PDFs hosted online so that employees can view and download them from anywhere. Some chose to have the statements printed and mailed to individual employees. Others prefer to print and hand deliver the statements to their employees. Whatever your chosen method of delivery, Strait Logics can accommodate any one or a combination of these options to suit your needs.