Rewards & Benefits

This standardised offering allows employers to communicate total rewards & benefits online and offer flexible benefits/discount shopping to employees. We recognise the financial investment employers make into providing benefits for their staff so we have developed a way for employers to implement flexible benefits and communicate the rewards at an affordable price.

Contact us now to arrange a demo of our Total Rewards Portal.

Auto Enrolment

The most intuitive cloud-based solution in the market, AE-Portal allows employers to easily assess employees for automatic pension enrolment eligibility, takes care of Opt-Ins, New Joiners & Opt-Outs, and produces all the communications and compliance required by the Pensions Regulator.

Whether you have staged already or are preparing to stage in the coming months, contact us now for a demo of what our portal can do and see how simple the process has been made – our clients tell us it is the sleekest product in the market!

Enterprise Solutions

Whether your rewards and benefits communication strategy is complex or you have specific requirements that are important to your business and your employees, our enterprise solutions will take the technical obstacles out of the equation.

Our pioneering software framework, HR Pad, allows us to create bespoke HR solutions which allow you to create a platform that suits your exact business needs.

Our unique team of expert developers backed by highly skilled project management and IT staff will ensure your project is delivered smoothly and to the highest standard of quality and information security possible.

Employee Communications

Most employers recognise the value of their employees and demonstrate this through a corporate compensation structure. However, most employees are completely unaware of their worth beyond their monthly salary.

Personalised Total Reward, Benefit & Pension Statements are an effective way of communicating this important information to employees, which in turn is proven to lead to better staff satisfaction, understanding and morale, and improved staff retention.

Strait Logics' unique software services enable you to have anything you want on paper.